Repco Auto Repair 62 Point Safety Check


32.Drive Shafts
1. Noise and Vibrations 33.Universal Joints
2.Power Train Operation 34.C.V. Joints


35.Front Shock Absorbers
3.Engine Oil 36.Rear Shock Absorbers
4.Auto Transmission Fluid 37.Springs
5.Power steering Fluid 38.Spring Mounts & Shackles
6.Pressure Test Cooling System 39.Bail Joints
7.Engine Coolant 40.Tie Rods
8.Hoses 41.Idler/Pitman Arms
9.Drive Belts 42.Suspension Arms
10.Air Cond. Sys. & Operation 43.Suspension Bushes
11.Battery Load Test 44.Steering Box/Rack
12.Battery Water Level/Terminals 45.Steering Box/Rack Oil Leaks
13.Electrical Sys. Visual Check 46.Whells & Tyres (Inc. Spare)
14.Engine Operation 47.Check Tyre Pressure
15.Brake Fluid 48.Front Pads/Shoes
16Brake Master Cylinder 49.Front Disc/Drums
17.Brake Booster 50.Front Callipers/Wheel Cylinders
18.Brake Pipes & Connections 51.Front Hoses, Pipes, Clips & Springs
19.Vacume Hose & Valve 52.Rear Pads/Shoes
20.Clutch Fluid 53.Rear Disc
21.Clutch Hydraulic System 54.Rear Callipers/Wheel Cylinders
22.Clutch Cable/Linkages 55.Rear Hoses, Pipes, Clips & Springs
UNDER VEHICLE 56.Hand Brake Cables & Linkages
23.Engine Oil Leaks INTERIOR and EXTERIOR
24.Transmssion Oil Leaks 57.Panel, Paintwork & Body Fittings
25.Transmission Cooler Pipes 58.Windscreen & Other Glass
26.Transmission Linkages 59.Washes & Wipers
27.Gearbox oil Leaks 60.All lighting & Horn Tone
28.Differential Oil Leaks 61.All Instruments & Accessories
29.Engine Mounts 62.Trim & Interior Fittings
30.Transmission Mounts OTHER
31.Exhaust System  

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