Stay Cool with our Cool Flow Air Conditioning Service.

Air Conditioning is usually viewed as something we only use in the warmer months. At Koutalis Automotive Services, we know that your cars' air conditioning system can degrade when not used frequently. Our 'Cool Flow Air Conditioning Service' will keep your cars' air conditioning in peak condition all the year round.

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Free 62 Point Safety Check with every Service.

At Koutalis Automotive Services, we understand that a Service, no matter how thorough can only check so much. There are a lot of safety features that a normal service and even a Warranty Service may not cover.

That's why part of our Service is to provide you with a written 62 Point Safety Check that covers all the following items. After all your safety is very important to us.

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150 Point Comprehensive Vehicle Condition Report.
The first step to buying peace of mind.


If you need to be sure about a vehicle, this Comprehensive Condition Report offers you the most thorough understanding you'll ever need.

If you're about to buy a used car, make sure you get a 150 Point Vehicle Condition Report for peace of mind.

As you can see from the following list of items checked, it'll ensure that you're actually getting what you paid for.

150 Point Vehicle Condition Report


Authorised ARC Refrigeration Technician.

Ace Towing

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